Two short video demos – CNS and Velero 1.1

I put together a few short (7 – 8 minute) videos to show off some new functionality that we’ve recently added in vSphere 6.7U3, as well as our new Velero v1.1 in action.

The first video is on CNS, the VMware Cloud Native Storage feature which we included in vSphere 6.7U3. This demonstration involves the deployment of a Cassandra database on Kubernetes, which incidentally uses the new CSI (Container Storage Interface) driver for persistent volumes. Once the application is deployed, we can see the characteristics of the volumes bubbled up in vSphere. We also see how using CNS, we can see how the persistent volume is configured on vSphere when the volumes is deployed on vSAN. Note that any use of the command ‘k’ is simply an alias to kubectl. Read more about CNS here.

The second demo is of Velero v1.1. Velero v1.1 supports the new CSI driver format. In this demo, we see how the aforementioned Cassandra application is destroyed when the Kubernetes namespace on which it is provisioned is deleted. We see how Velero is able to quickly restore the database, and we also see that the restored Cassandra database contents are intact after the restore. Again, the ‘k’ command in the CLI is simply shorthand for kubectl. Read more about Velero v1.1 here.