Deploy Kubernetes manually on Photon Controller v1.1 and vSAN

PHOTON_square140I mentioned in a previous post that we have recently released Photon Controller version 1.1, and one of the major enhancements was the inclusion of support for vSAN. I wrote about the steps to do this in the previous post, but now I want to show you how to utilize vSAN storage for the orchestration frameworks (e.g. Kubernetes) that you deploy on top of Photon Controller. In other words, I am going to describe the steps that need to be taken in order for these Kubernetes VMs (master, etcd, workers) to be able to consume the vsanDatastore that is now configured on the cloud ESXi hosts of Photon Controller. This is what I will show you in this post. I have already highlighted the fact that you can deploy Kubernetes as a service from the Photon Controller UI. This is showing you another way of achieving the same thing, but also to enable the vSAN datastore to be used by the K8S VMs.

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Deploy Kubernetes as a service on Photon Controller v1.1

PHOTON_square140Now that we have seen how to deploy Photon Controller v1.1 with vSAN, we will look at another new feature of this version of Photon Controller. At VMworld 2016 in Barcelona, Kit Colbert mentioned that one of the upcoming features of Photon Controller is the ability to deploy Kubernetes As A Service on top of Photon Controller. In this post, we will look at that feature, but also how to deploy the Kubernetes VMs (master, etcd, workers). While we have been able to deploy K8S on Photon Controller in previous releases, this version 1.1 simplifies that process greatly, as you will see shortly.

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vSphere 6.5 Core Storage White Paper Now Available

core-storageI’m delighted to announce the availability of a new vSphere 6.5 core storage white paper. The paper covers new features such as VMFS-6 enhancements, policy driven Storage I/O Control, policy driven VM Encryption, NFS and iSCSI improvements and of course new limit increases in vSphere 6.5. There are too many VMware folks to thank for putting this paper together, but you’ll find them all listed in the acknowledgements section. I do want to mention one person however; a very special thanks to Cody Hosterman of Pure Storage who spent a lot of time testing many of these new features, and providing the relevant feedback that could be included in the paper. Thanks Cody.

You can download the paper from our storagehub site by clicking here.

Photon Controller v1.1 and vSAN interoperability

PHOTON_square140Many of you will have seen the recent announcement for Photon Controller version 1.1. For me, the interesting part of this announcement is the support for vSAN as a storage platform with Photon Controller v1.1. I should think that the first question that those of you are familiar with both vSAN and Photon Controller will ask is “how do I configure vSAN for Photon Controller when there is no vCenter server in the mix?”. This is a very good question, and one which I will highlight in this blog post. There are also a few line items in the release notes which may not be very clear to those of you who are not very familiar with these products. I hope to be able to highlight these to you as well.

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PowerCLI 6.5 Release 1 and vSAN

powercliThe first email I saw this morning in my inbox was from my good pal, Alan Renouf. Alan is our product line manager for APIs, SDKs, CLIs and Automation Frameworks (congrats on the promotion Alan). Anyway, Alan was announcing the General Availability of VMware vSphere PowerCLI 6.5 Release 1. There are a whole bunch of improvements in this release, and much kudos must go to the PowerCLI team. However from a vSAN perspective, things look really cool. [Update] This version of PowerCLI also works with vSAN 6.2 and 6.0, so there is no need for customers to upgrade to vSAN 6.5 to leverage these new features of PowerCLI.

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Deploying VIC v0.7.0 in multi-cluster, multi-DVS infras

I’ve been liaising with one of our customers in the UK who is currently evaluation vSphere Integrated Containers in a very large vSphere infrastructure. In this infrastructure, a single vCenter Server is managing lots and lots of vSphere clusters, and very many distributed switches (DVS) and distributed portgroup. There were some issues encountered when trying to select the correct compute resource¬† and correct distributed portgroup for a particular Virtual Container Host, which I will highlight in this post.

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Kubernetes on vSphere

kubernetesI’ve talked a lot recently about the various VMware projects surrounding containers, container management, repositories, etc. However one of the most popular container cluster managers is Kubernetes (originally developed by Google). To use an official description, Kubernetes (or K8S for short) is a “platform for automating deployment, scaling, and operations of application containers across clusters of hosts”. So this begs the question about how easy is it to deploy K8S on vSphere. I have already documented how K8S can be deployed on Photon Platform. But can you easily deploy Kubernetes on a vSphere infrastructure. The answer now is that it is relatively easy. This necessary scripts are now included in K8S version 1.4.5, which went live recently (October 29th). Let’s look at the steps involved in deploying Kubernetes on vSphere in more detail.

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