cormac-china Cormac Hogan is a Director and Chief Technologist in the ‘Office of the CTO’ in the Cloud Platform Business Unit at VMware. He is the co-author of the “Essential Virtual SAN” and “vSAN 6.7 U1 Deep Dive” books. This is his personal blog related to storage, virtualization and container orchestration.


The views expressed anywhere on this site are strictly mine and not the opinions and views of VMware.


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  1. Very Good Website. Is there any similar site on networking technologies related to VMware product created by your counterpart in VMware Networking Team 🙂

  2. Thank you for sharing your analysis and insight! Well done and greatly appreciated as a great resource! Definitely a bookmark sight

  3. Hi Cormac, good to see your new site. Thanks for sharing your knowledge here, as you have done since we met back in our Tech Support days.

  4. You are simply Awesome. I simply love everything at VMware and learnt VSAN from your posts, you’re a true Guru, BIG FAN 🙂 🙂

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