VMware Data Services Manager (present and futures) at VMware Explore 2023

With VMware Explore 2023 fast approaching, I thought it might be a good idea to give you some advanced notice about some of the VMware Data Services Manager activities that you will find at The Venetian in Las Vegas. First and foremost, I wanted to give a shout out to VMware Fellow, Christos Karamonolis. Christos is going to share VMware’s vision & strategy for data management. For years (decades?), VMware has been providing the underlying storage infrastructure for storing your bits, bytes and files. Think about how long VMFS has been available as a filesystem for your virtual infrastructure storage needs. Think about other VMware innovations relating to data storage over the years, such as vSAN and VVols. But can we do more to help our customers to manage the actual applications that are consuming the data on top of this infrastructure? i.e. databases, message queue systems, etc. Can VMware help you to transform your organization into a true “data-driven company”? This is what Christos will be sharing with you in his “Cloud Data infrastructure: Strategy and Product Portfolio” presentation. The session ID is VIB1643LV. If you are interested in learning more about the latest VMware innovations around data services and data management, then this is the session for you. The session includes some really interesting demonstrations as well, so do check it out.

Another activity which might interest you is the Expert-Led Hands On Workshop on VMware Data Services Manager (DSM). The expert in this case is my good friend Kimberley Delgado, who has done sterling work in building the DSM Hands-On Lab. Kimberley will take you through the creation of databases as well as some day 2 activities. For anyone who is interested in seeing DSM in action, and getting some additional insights, this session is sure to be of interest. This session ID is ELW-HOL-2407-01-SDC. If you are unable to make the Expert-Led workshop, you can always pop into the Hands-On Lab and take the self-paced version, HOL-2407.

If you have some specific questions on VMware Data Services Manger, then my colleague Michael Gandy is hosting a Meet the Expert (MTE) Round Table. The subject matter in this case is on the topic of “Implementing Database as a Service for vSphere”,  specifically using VMware DSM. Michael will be there to answer any questions you might have on DSM. This session ID is CEIM2546LV. Please note that scheduling for MTE round table sessions will only become available two weeks prior to the opening of VMware Explore, so this will be some time in early August I guess.

If you are unable to schedule some time for the above events, we are also showcasing VMware Data Services Manager at both the TAM customer event as well as the Customer Technical Exchange (CTEX) event. If you are still wondering about which additional sessions to attend, my good friend Duncan has a great list of suggestions over on yellow-bricks. I will be unable to make it to the US this year, but am very hopeful that I will make it to Barcelona for the EMEA VMware Explore later this year. For those of you who are going to VMware Explore in Las Vegas, I hope you have a great event.

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