Configuring HA for PostgreSQL in VMware Data Services Manager (Video)

I created a short video on how to cluster a standalone PostgreSQL database in VMware Data Services Manager. PostgreSQL is a very popular virtualized workload to run on vSphere infrastructure. In this video, you will see how easy it is to create a clustered PostgreSQL database through VMware Data Services Manager (DSM) in just a few clicks. You will see how when a Read Replica is created, a PG_Monitor VM is also created. The PC_Monitor acts as a quorum or witness, and handles promotion of Read Replicas to primary role in the event of a failover. We will see how to use the pg_autoctl command to verify the status displayed in the VMware DSM UI. You can read how to set this up in detail in this PostgreSQL HA blog post. There is also a detailed post on how to cluster a MySQL database via DSM.