number of failures to tolerate

Erasure Coding and Quorum on vSAN

I was looking at the layout of RAID-5 object configuration the other day, and while these objects were deployed on vSAN with 4 components, something caught my [...]

Debunking some behavior “myths” in 3 node vSAN cluster

I recently noticed a blog post describing some very strange behaviors in 2-node and 3-node vSAN clusters. I was especially concerned to read that when they [...]

VSAN 6.2 Part 11 – Support for higher FTT with larger VMDKs

In the VSAN 6.0 Design & Sizing Guide, a caveat was placed around the size of a VMDK, and the Number of Failures to Tolerate (FTT) number. It reads like [...]

VSAN Part 36: Considerations when using Force Provisioning

One policy setting that I have yet to discuss in any great detail in my blog posts about VSAN. The ForceProvisioning policy setting, when placed in the VM [...]

VSAN Part 34 – how many disks are needed for stripe width

Yesterday I posted an article which discussed some common misconceptions with Virtual SAN that come up time and again. Once I published that article, I [...]

VSAN Part 33 – Some common misconceptions explained

I'm currently neck-deep preparing for the next version of Virtual SAN to launch. As I prepare for all the new features that are coming (that I hope to be able [...]