Setting up VMware Data Services Manager v1.5 Consolidated Environment (Video)

VMware Data Services Manager version 1.5 introduces a number of really cool new features. In particular, it includes the ability to deploy a consolidated environment. A consolidated environment is where the functionality of the provider AND the functionality of an agent reside in the same virtual appliance. Previously, customers had to deploy two appliances, even when consuming resources from the vSphere infrastructure where the provider resided. Note that if you wish to consume resources across different vSphere infrastructures which are remote from where the provider is provisioned, then you will still have to deploy an agent VM. However, in this video, I go through the main setup steps of provisioning a consolidated provider/agent, as well as creating an environment and namespace to consume resources from the vSphere infrastructure on which the provider is provisioned. In the final stages of the video, I publish some database templates, before finally provisioning a database. I hope you find the demonstration useful. Feel free to leave feedback or ask questions about the product.