VMware Data Services Manager Hands On Lab now available

A very short post to let you all know about a new VMware Hands On Lab (HoL). This HoL is focused on getting started with VMware Data Services Manager (DSM). Many readers will have seen the multiple posts that I have been sharing since the beginning of this year on VMware DSM. Now you can get some “hands-on” with the product through the lab.

We believe that one of the main use cases for VMware DSM is the self-service of database instances, notably for developers who quickly need to spin up a database instance as part of their testing process. This may be an ad-hoc requirement or it could be a task that is part of their Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) pipeline. To that end, we’ve shown how developers can leverage the extensive API that we have in VMware DSM to automate such a task rather than use the User Interface (UI) to achieve it. However, once the database is deployed, we do show you the UI and step you through how to do additional operations on the database, such as scale out the VM where the database instance is deployed when a database has a requirement for additional resources. Below is the lab landing page, with some additional detail.

You can take the lab here: https://labs.hol.vmware.com/HOL/catalogs/lab/13929. Kudos to my colleagues Kim Delgado and John Nicholson for their work in getting this lab created. We hope you like it.

2 Replies to “VMware Data Services Manager Hands On Lab now available”

  1. Hi Cormac,
    i’m following regard DSM and i’m a vexpert and I start to write on my blog in italian VMware Data Services Manager (blog: https://i3piccioni.it )
    I’d like to start the HOL but is inaccessible on vmware platform
    I hope also to read other beautiful articles on DSM.
    Do you think that other type of storages will be included? Non on version 1.5 I deploy a lab version with an S3 Compatible Storage (I used MinIO). Do you think that will be included vSAN? I hope that with new versions of vSAN there will be the possibility to add an S3 Compatible Storage in the vSAn Services 😉
    Thank you for all


    1. Caio Riccardo,

      Very happy to see you blogging about DSM.

      Unfortunately, there was an issue with the DSM HoL during VMware Explore. I thought it was addressed, but I will contact the team and let them know that there are still access problems.

      We are hoping to have a number of DSM related announcements at VMware Explore in Barcelona if you are attending. If you cannot make that, I will be presenting on this topic at VMUG Italia in Milano later in November.


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