New Book: VMware vSAN 8.0U1 Express Storage Architecture now available

I am delighted to announce the availability of a new book, VMware vSAN 8.0U1 Express Storage Architecture. Along with my colleagues, Duncan Epping and Pete Koehler, we have updated the vSAN deep dive book to focus on the new vSAN architecture which was announced with the vSphere & vSAN 8.0 releases. We held off publication as we were aware of a number of upcoming enhancements in 8.0U1. Now that this release is generally available, the book includes all of the new features and functionality found in the 8.0U1 release.

Please note that we made a decision not to focus on the vSAN original storage architecture (OSA) in this book. We felt it would have complicated things to keep switching between the original storage architecture and express storage architecture (ESA). Instead, this book looks at all of the new aspects of the ESA, though there are references to the OSA where it makes sense to highlight changes in appearance, behaviour or functionality. Below are some links to the book on but the book should also be available in other Amazon bookstores around the world.

We hope you enjoy the read. Go vSAN!

Kindle / e-book version Paperback version