New book: Kubernetes for vSphere Administrators now available

I’m delighted to report that my new book, Kubernetes for vSphere Administrators, is now available. It is available in both paper form and as a Kindle eBook. Links to both are provided below.

The links above direct you to However the book is available in other Amazon marketplaces as well. (If you can’t see the text+images above, this is a link to the paper book and this is a link to the eBook.) I hope readers of this book find it useful. I would be delighted to receive feedback and reviews on the content.

7 Replies to “New book: Kubernetes for vSphere Administrators now available”

    1. I assume it takes time to filter out across the various Amazon marketplaces. I’m afraid I have no control over this, and have to rely on Amazon to make it available – sorry.

  1. Great book! Purchased the Kindle version and looking forward to reading it in-depth. I struggle finding good Kubernetes on vSphere resources, so thank you for the book.

  2. Watching Barnes & Noble for it (this one title seems to be taking longer to show up than your others)

    1. I’m not sure how the relationship between B&N and Amazon works, but this title is a ‘print on demand’ through Amazon. I assume B&N would need to order them first, before they can offer it. It may be quicker to order it via Amazon Thomas.

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