VMware to open R&D office in Dublin, Ireland

Some really good news for those of us working for VMware and based here in Ireland. VMware Research and Development are opening a new facility in Dublin. Dublin will also become a location for developing operational expertise focusing on VMware managed data services to forge the multi-cloud platform of the future. Yesterday, our CTO Kit Colbert was in Ireland for the announcement.

So what are these managed data services? I had a chat with my former boss, VMware Fellow Christos Karamanolis, about this some time back. Christos is hiring for a number of roles, and this is what he had to say about the announcement:

“Data is a key component of VMware’s multi-cloud strategy. We are investing in a range of data infrastructure solutions and services that allow our customers to manage and consume data. This data can be on any cloud, from on-premise (private) infrastructure, to sovereign (local) clouds, to public clouds (hyperscalers). This work is based on a strong existing product portfolio for storage, data protection and data services. Going forward, our emphasis is on managed data services that offers our customers the same operational experience on any cloud, while also serving the needs of modern workload and development teams.”

According to our VMware Ireland Site Council, whilst the team will have a hub in Dublin, the new VMware employees will have the opportunity to exercise anywhere working, which the business believes maximizes productivity, morale, performance and team cohesion. By offering the opportunity to work remotely, VMware hopes to attract leading talent across Ireland.

To kick this off, VMware are currently hiring a number of specific roles that contribute to these transformative initiatives as outlined by Christos. I’ve provided a list of open opportunities that I have found so far, and added the links below:

If any of these sound interesting, simply open the link and click on the “Apply to this job” button on the page.