MinIO Service deployment in vSphere with Tanzu [Video]

In this video, I demonstrate how to register a MinIO (S3 Object Store) vSphere Service in vSphere with Tanzu. This service is using the vSAN Data Persistence platform (DPp) to provide persistent storage for the service. Once the MinIO service is registered, it may be installed on vSphere with Tanzu. This include a plugin which provides new menu options in the vSphere client. The demonstration goes on to show how to use these new menu options to deploy a MinIO S3 Object Store to a vSphere Namespace in vSphere with Tanzu.

4 Replies to “MinIO Service deployment in vSphere with Tanzu [Video]”

  1. Hello Cormar,

    may you please advise how I can deploy these operators from the embedded harbor registry
    I have pulled the image,push it to my embedded harbor and added the credentials on creation and it is loop state
    i think because it cannot pull the image

    1. I’m not sure how that would work. When you create the MinIO service, it creates its own namespace with its own project in the embedded Harbor. I guess you would have to let the initial MinIO service creation fail, push the repositories for Minio to that newly created MinIO project in Harbor, and then wait for it to reconcile. The alternate is to standup another non-embedded Harbor registry and push them there.

  2. sorry for the typo mistake of your name in the previous comment, can I add a proxy behind tanzu in order to access the internet, as i know i have added a proxy server on the vcenter and this setting should be inherited in the cluster is that correct?

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