MinIO Service deployment in vSphere with Tanzu [Video]

In this video, I demonstrate how to register a MinIO (S3 Object Store) vSphere Service in vSphere with Tanzu. This service is using the vSAN Data Persistence platform (DPp) to provide persistent storage for the service. Once the MinIO service is registered, it may be installed on vSphere with Tanzu. This include a plugin which provides new menu options in the vSphere client. The demonstration goes on to show how to use these new menu options to deploy a MinIO S3 Object Store to a vSphere Namespace in vSphere with Tanzu.

vSAN Data Persistence platform (DPp) Revisited

Around 18 months ago, I published an article which highlighted a new feature called vSAN Data Persistence platform, or DPp for short. Basically, it describes a set of vSphere services built into vSphere with Tanzu. There are a few changes since I last wrote about it. For that reason, I thought I would revisit it. I am going to use my recently updated vCenter Server version 7.0.3e (build 19717403), and vSphere with Tanzu Supervisor Cluster v1.22. In this post, I will go through the new steps that demonstrate how to install MinIO as a vSphere Service. I will then show…