Getting started with the TKGm (multi-cloud) Command Line (Videos)

In this post, I have two short videos demonstrating how to (1) deploy the Tanzu Kubernetes Grid multi-cloud (TKGm) management cluster using the “tkg” command line tool, and then once the TKG management cluster has been deployed, I show how to (2) very simply deploy a subsequent TKG workload cluster using the same “tkg” command. Note that at I have updated this post to use the TKGm acronym, as this is now how we are marketing this particular product. Previously, the term standalone was used.

If you wish to know more detail, check out my full post on how to deploy TKG multi-cloud (TKGm) step-by-step using the command line “tkg”.

Here is the video (4m 27s) demonstrating how to deploy the TKG (standalone) management cluster.

And this video (3m 57s) demonstrates how to deploy a new workload TKG cluster once the management cluster has been deployed.