Create a new vSphere with Kubernetes namespace (Video)

This short video will demonstrate how to create a new namespace in vSphere with Kubernetes, including Permissions, Storage and Resource Limits. This namespace concept allows vSphere with Kubernetes to implement a type of multi-tenancy, where vSphere resources can be divided up and allocated to individual developers or teams of developers. Thus it is quite a bit different to a native Kubernetes namespace. The video also looks at Harbor Image Registry integration, where a new Harbor project is created per namespace. It also shows where to find details about Kubernetes Compute, Storage and Network artifacts associated with the namespace.

3 Replies to “Create a new vSphere with Kubernetes namespace (Video)”

    1. Thanks for that feedback Johannes. So sort of like extending the Resource Pools concept with the addition of Storage Policies. Interesting idea – let me feed it back and see what others think.

    2. Johannes – would you be interested in a follow up conversation to understand how you would use this feature on standard vSphere? We’d be quite interested in learning more about your use-case. Let me know if you can. Thanks. Cormac

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