Create a new vSphere with Kubernetes namespace (Video)

This short video will demonstrate how to create a new namespace in vSphere with Kubernetes, including Permissions, Storage and Resource Limits. This namespace concept allows vSphere with Kubernetes to implement a type of multi-tenancy, where vSphere resources can be divided up and allocated to individual developers or teams of developers. Thus it is quite a bit different to a native Kubernetes namespace. The video also looks at Harbor Image Registry integration, where a new Harbor project is created per namespace. It also shows where to find details about Kubernetes Compute, Storage and Network artifacts associated with the namespace.

3 Replies to “Create a new vSphere with Kubernetes namespace (Video)”

  1. Would really like to see this available for vms only without any special license like pks or vcf.

    1. Thanks for that feedback Johannes. So sort of like extending the Resource Pools concept with the addition of Storage Policies. Interesting idea – let me feed it back and see what others think.

    2. Johannes – would you be interested in a follow up conversation to understand how you would use this feature on standard vSphere? We’d be quite interested in learning more about your use-case. Let me know if you can. Thanks. Cormac

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