A holiday promo for the vSAN 6.7U1 Deep Dive Book

A very short post to let you know that Duncan and I are doing a holiday promotion for our vSAN 6.7U1 Deep Dive book. We will start the promotion for the e-book on December 24th, when we will lower the price of the e-book to just US $0.99 (Amazon.com) and UK £0.99 (Amazon.co.uk). The price will then gradually rise back to the original price over the following 10 days. Unfortunately, Amazon does not allow publishers to create promotions on every site, so this promotion will only be available on Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk.

For the paper copy of the book, we are going to drop the price by over 50%, from today until December 31st. This means that the cost of the paper copy on Amazon.com is now less than US $20, and less than UK £15 on Amazon.co.uk. However this discounted price for the paper copy will be available on all Amazon stores worldwide. [Update] It looks like we can’t offer the promotion on the UK site immediately – the promo on Amazon.co.uk for the paper copy of the book will start on 20th January – sorry about that.

I’d also like to take this opportunity to wish all of my readers a very merry Christmas, and a prosperous 2020.