Kubernetes on vSphere – Virtually Speaking Podcast Episode #86

I was delighted to be asked along to the latest Virtually Speaking podcast last week. I was invited to attend alongside the very smart Frank Denneman. Also joining us was Myles “vOdgeball sports scholarship” Gray (you’ll need to listen to the podcast to get that joke). And of course, we were joined by talented podcast hosts, Pete and John. Pete was in top form after his 1 month vac^H^H^H working in Italy (touché my friend :-D) The podcast was really a conversation about why vSphere and vSAN are ideal platforms for next-gen apps and containerized application, particularly when they are deployed on a Kubernetes orchestration/cluster framework. We gave our reasons why we feel running K8s on vSphere and vSAN is far superior to a bare-metal approach. This really was a precursor to the sessions that Frank, Myles and I have at VMworld 2018, where we plan to go into detail on the advantages of using vSphere and vSAN for Kubernetes and containerized applications. Hope you enjoy the podcast, and if you are coming to VMworld later this month, hope you can make it to our sessions. There is a link to all 3 of our sessions here. You can listen to the podcast by clicking on the image below.

Kubernetes on VMware vSphere