Performance Checklist now available for vSAN benchmarking

Hot on the heels of the vSAN 6.7 release, a new performance checklist for vSAN benchmarking has now been published on our StorageHub site. This is the result of a project that I started a few months back with my colleague, Paudie O’Riordan. It builds upon a huge amount of groundwork that was already done in this area by Andreas Scherr, one of our Senior Solutions Architects here in EMEA. The aim of this checklist is to get the best possible performance out of your vSAN deployment, typically during the Proof Of Concept (PoC) stage. We’ve had many situations where the benchmark results were not maximized due to some mis-configuration or some misuse of a certain setting, or indeed not using a benchmarking tool correctly for HCI (hyper-converged infrastructure). This guide will aim to guide you through getting your vSAN deployment optimized for bench-marking, and how to use HCIbench, which is our own benchmark tool based on Vdbench and designed for hyper-converged systems. Kudos to Pete Koehler for doing a great job on getting this document imported and published on StorageHub. Thanks Pete! You can get the guide by clicking here. One final note: if you are planning to run a vSAN PoC, please liaise with your local VMware SE/SDS engineer. They can open a dialog with our internal vSAN PoC solutions architects, who can provide additional advice and guidance. You are strongly encouraged to do this.

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