Announcing Virtual SAN Health Check Plugin 6.0 Patch 1

health-checkAnnouncing some important news for VSAN 6.0 users, especially those using the VSAN Health Check Plugin.

If you are using the Virtual SAN Health Check Plugin version 6.0 (and if you use Virtual SAN 6.0, you definitely should be using it), there is a new patch now available.

Note that this new Health Check plugin version 6.0.1 release only requires the vCenter server to be updated. There are no new ESXi host side VIBs required. The patch comes as a new installable RPM for the vCenter appliance and a new MSI for Windows versions of vCenter server.

[Update] For the most part, once the RPM or MSI has updated, there should be no further action needed. However, there have been a few occasions where the health check reports that the VIBs on the ESXi host need to be updated. This can happen when EAM (ESX Agent Manager) does a check on the VIBs during a health service restart (e.g. when the post install script is run). This is simply rectified in a mater of seconds by clicking on the “Retry” button in the VSAN > Manage > Health view.

This patch includes a number of enhancements for the VSAN Health Check Plugin 6.0:

  • Better handling for Health Check Plug-in VIBs that are manually installed on the ESXi hosts.
  • Enhancement for Virtual SAN physical disk capacity check.
  • Updates to Support Assistant.
  • Updates to Customer Experience Improvement Program.

This patch also includes a fix for minor Support Assistant issue when uploading support bundles. There are also a number of workarounds for known issues observed with version 6.0. You can download the plug-in installer from the VSAN download web site. The Health Check Plug-in is listed under VMware Virtual SAN Tools and Plug-ins.

If you are using the Health Check Plugin for VSAN 6.0, consider applying this patch in your next maintenance cycle. The release notes which have further information on limitations, known issues and fixes can be found here.

After installing or upgrading to health check version 6.0.1, please make sure the vCenter services are restarted after the patch has been installed. Further information on the health service, and how to upgrade can be found here in the Virtual SAN 6.0 Health Check Plugin Guide or in the release notes.

7 Replies to “Announcing Virtual SAN Health Check Plugin 6.0 Patch 1”

  1. Is Update Manager supposed to pick up on first-party plugin updates like this? If not, what’s the best method to be notified of these updates, other than your blog?

    Thanks for getting the news out!

    1. Unfortunately not. But I agree that we should do that. I know that we are actively looking being able to use VUM for updating the plugin, but I don’t know if/when we’ll be able to do so. Not sure what other notification methods are available – sorry.

  2. Thank you for the post. I believe you mention that no VIBs need to be updated. However, it does report an error that my VIBs are out of date at v 6.0.0

    1. Looks like it is a timing issue between EAM checking the state of the VIBs when the health check services are restarted. I added an update to the post. A quick click of the retry button should resolve it (EAM checks again) and no update is necessary. We’ve filed a bug internally to improve this behaviour in future updates. Thanks for the heads-up.

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