Essential VSAN kindle & ebook versions now available

Well, after almost 8 months of work, the VSAN book that I have been working on with Duncan Epping is finally available for general download. This is the first book I’ve written, and I’ll always be grateful for the guidance and mentoring I received from Duncan. I’m also extremely grateful to a number of people at VMware Press (Pearson) for their willingness to sponsor this project. There are also numerous people at VMware that deserve thanks for their input and support, and you’ll find them listed in the acknowledgements section of the book.

We’re hopeful that this book will provide a definitive resource to all your VSAN queries.

If you’d like to download the book, there are a couple of links below. The Amazon Kindle version is available by clicking on the link below:

Or if you’d prefer, the ebook version of Essential VSAN is also available from Pearsons. Click the book below for details:

Hard copies are currently available for pre-order if you want to wait a few more weeks.

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