Heads Up! Nutanix NOS v2.6.4 now available

Nutanix NOS 3.0

Nutanix have informed me that they have a new release available – Nutanix OS 2.6.4 (NOS is the new name for the previously named Nutanix Complete Cluster). They are looking for all their customers to proactively move to this new release. Although Nutanix also have NOS 3.0 release on the cards, existing customers will first need to move to version 2.6.4 in order to be in a position to migrate to 3.0. If that is not reason enough, the 2.6.4 release also includes the following new features:

  • Genesis, a new management framework that replaces scripts run from the vMA, the vSphere Management Assistant, which is no longer required.
  • Dynamic Add Node allows the cluster to be expanded without service interruption.
  • Support for 2nd-generation Fusion-io PCIe-SSD cards.
  • Improved hardware replacement workflows, including hardware location awareness.
  • General performance improvements, including better distribution of data across disks in a cluster.
  • Improved accuracy of NFS statistics.
  • Support for up to 70,000 vDisks in a cluster.
There are also a few bug fixes in this release. This is another reason why Nutanix want you to proactively move to his release. The following are some of the issues  resolved in v2.6.4:
  • ESXi causes read latency in idle state.
  • Kernel memory leak impacts system operation after 90 days of Controller VM uptime.
  • Data is unavailable after power loss.
  • Controller VMs diverge in time and fail to synchronize with NTP (Network Time Protocol).
  • Cluster configuration and reconfiguration pages do not work on Internet Explorer (IE).

With Nutanix NOS 2.6.4, support for Intel PCIe-SSD cards is available as a factory-installed option.

If you are a Nutanix customer, start thinking about moving to this new build asap.

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