Where are they now? Recent changes in the storage space

The storage space has been a very exciting space over recent years. There have been so many new start-ups and new innovations, that it becomes difficult to [...]

Nutanix release NOS version 3.5

Nutanix just announced the availability of NOS 3.5. It has been approximately 6 months since I posted about their NOS 3.0 release which had a lot of cool [...]

Heads Up! Nutanix NOS v2.6.4 now available

Nutanix have informed me that they have a new release available - Nutanix OS 2.6.4 (NOS is the new name for the previously named Nutanix Complete Cluster). [...]

New updates from Nutanix – NOS 3.0 and NX-3000

Yesterday I had the opportunity to catch up with a very good friend of mine, Ray Hassan, who is now part of the Nutanix team in the UK. Ray took some time [...]