Slides from my VMworld 2017 sessions are now available

All three of my sessions from VMworld 2017 are now available on slide share. Lots of folks have been asking me for the content, so this is the easiest way of making them accessible. I just want to say thanks once more to my great co-speakers/co-presenters. I’m grateful to Cody Hosterman of Pure Storage for helping me out on the Core Storage session, and kudos must also go to my colleagues and good pals Duncan Epping and Andreas Scherr, who co-presented on the vSAN Top 10 and vSAN Networking sessions respectively. Enjoy!

VMworld 2017 session on vSAN Networking Design now available

The last of my VMworld 2017 sessions is now available for viewing. This is the vSAN Networking session, which I co-presented with Andreas Scherr. Andreas is responsible for taking care of all of our vSAN proof-of-concept deployments in EMEA. In this session we cover many aspects of vSAN networking design and configuration, such as NIC teaming, load balancing, supported topologies, and so on. The session includes some very interesting demos, highlighting what can go wrong when the networking is not optimal. Hope you like it, and feedback is always welcome.

See you at VMworld 2017 Barcelona

Now that the US VMworld 2017 event in Las Vegas is over for another year, the focus turns to the VMworld 2017 event in Europe. This year, it once again takes place in Barcelona, Spain. A difference this year is that there is not much of a gap between US and European events, with the Europe event taking place in September this year rather than in October like it usually does. Just like the VMworld Las Vegas event, I am co-presenting on three sessions. In additional to that, in Barcelona, I am also hosting a number of Meet-The-Expert round-tables on…

VMworld 2017 Session on vSphere 6.5 Core Storage now on YouTube

A quick note to let you know that the session that I delivered on day 1 of VMworld 2017 is now available on YouTube. The session is entitled “A Deep Dive into vSphere 6.5 Core Storage Features and Functionality” and I delivered this with Cody Hosterman of Pure Storage. Judging by the feedback, and the number of passing comments I received in the hallways at VMworld over the past 2 days, it seems that this session was very well received indeed. Hope you like it.

PKS Announcement at VMworld 2017 – Pivotal Container Service

VMworld always has lots of new announcements about various VMware products and initiatives. VMworld 2017 is no different. This morning we had the announcement of PKS, the Pivotal Container Service. Yes, that is a K instead of a C in the acronym – this is to highlight the fact that this container service is using Kubernetes. Using a feature called BOSH from Pivotal, customers can provision Kubernetes onto their on-premises vSphere deployments (including VCF – VMware Cloud Foundation). This provisioning capability has its own project name – “Kubo”. Kubo is a joint project between Google and Pivotal which allows for…

See you at VMworld 2017

Like I usually do around this time of year, I wanted to share with you my plans for this year’s VMworld in Las Vegas. Hey, you might even like what you read about my sessions enough to sign up for one 🙂 Once again, I am completely HCI (hyper-converged infrastructure) and storage focused. But what is really exciting for me this year is that I have some new people to co-present with. First of all, I’m presenting a vSAN network deep-dive with Andreas Scherr. Andreas manages all of our vSAN Proof-Of-Concepts in EMEA, and is a very smart cookie indeed.…