VSAN Proactive Rebalance not starting

Some time back I wrote about proactive rebalancing, a new feature of VSAN 6.0. However I have had a number of queries recently about its functionality. The most common query is that when the proactive rebalance operation is started, there doesn’t appear to be any rebuild/resync activity, even though the command output lists a number of disks that need to be rebalanced (rebalancing moves components between physical disks so that each disk is equally consumed).

Announcing the Virtual SAN 6.0 Health Check Plugin

Today VMware announces the Virtual SAN 6.0 Health Check Plugin, a feature that will check your Virtual SAN configuration, both proactively and re-actively, and highlight any abnormal conditions found in the cluster. This is available to all our VSAN customers right now. Not only does it check the health of the cluster, but it also checks the state of the network, host connectivity, physical disk status, and underlying virtual machine object state. This is a great tool for ensuring that an initial deployment of VSAN or proof-of-concept has been rolled out successful, giving you confidence in your VSAN deployment. It…