Data Services Manager 2.0 – Consumption Operator (Video)

This video highlights another interesting feature of Data Services Manager (DSM) 2.0, namely the Consumption Operator. This allows customers with existing Kubernetes deployments to request DSM to provision databases from these K8s clusters, without switching context to either the DSM Gateway API or DSM UI. The videos shows how to install the operator and enable bindings for both infrastructure policies and backup locations. These bindings mean that only those resources can be used by end-users or developers who wish to create databases using this method.

Getting Started with Data Services Manager 2.0 – Part 10: Consumption Operator

One of the common asks we get from customers on Data Services Manager (DSM) 2.0 is the following: “I already run Kubernetes. Is it possible to create databases from my existing Kubernetes clusters using DSM?”. The answer is Yes. We provide a piece of software called the DSM Consumption Operator. This installs on your local Kubernetes (K8s) cluster and allows admins or developers to request the creation of databases (PostgreSQL, MySQL). On receipt of this request, DSM provisions its own K8s cluster, and then provisions the database on top. Your admins or developers can then connect to the database and…