Self-Service Database Clone in VMware Data Services Manager (Video)

This short video steps through the cloning of an existing database, highlighting another self-service feature of VMware Data Services Manager.  This task can be done directly in the DSM UI by an end user, adding to the self-service capabilities available in the product. The demo will show how to take the clone, and then uses pgAdmin 4 to connect to the databases, validate the results of the cloning operation (by looking at the schema and tables), and then examining the contents of one of the cloned tables. Hope you find it useful. Please reach out with any thoughts, comments or…

Tintri adds new VM-aware features and VAAI Support

During VMworld 2012 in San Francisco, I had a chance to catch up once again with the team from Tintri. My first introduction to Tintri was at last year’s VMworld, where they received runner-up in the ‘Hardware for Virtualization’ category by TechTarget for best of VMworld 2011. Well this year they went one better, and won the Best of VMworld 2012 Gold award in Hardware for Virtualization. And for good reason. Let’s see the enhancements to the Tintri platform over the last 12 months have brought.