VSAN Part 18 – VM Home Namespace and VM Storage Policies

Well, VSAN is finally GA today. Check out Duncan's blog post which has lots of good links about where to get the GA bits. In this post, I am going to address [...]

Getting started with Fusion-io and VSAN

I've been having lots of fun lately in my new role in Integration Engineering. It is also good to have someone local once again to bounce ideas off. Right now, [...]

Virtual SAN (VSAN) Announcement Review

Very exciting day today at VMware - Virtual SAN or VSAN has been officially announced. If you weren't able to attend, here are some of the interesting parts [...]

A list of ESXCLI storage commands you can’t live without

There are many occasions where the information displayed in the vSphere client is not sufficient to display all relevant information about a particular storage [...]

VSAN Part 17 – Removing a Disk Group from a Host

[Updated: 17th Feb 2016] Following on from my recent post on how to reclaim disks that were previously used by VSAN, I was asked how one can remove a disk [...]

VSAN Part 16 – Reclaiming disks for other uses

A number of customers have raised this question. How do you reclaim disks which were once used by VSAN but you now wish to use these disks for other purposes? [...]

VMware certify new memory channel attached storage on vSphere 5.1 & 5.5

This is an interesting announcement for those of you following emerging storage technologies. We've been talking about flash technologies for some time now, [...]