vSphere 5.5 Storage Enhancement Part 7 – LUN ID/RDM Restriction Lifted

About a year ago I wrote an article stating that Raw Device Mappings (RDM) continued to rely on LUN IDs, and that if you wished to successfully vMotion a virtual machine with an RDM from one host to another host, you had to ensure that the LUN was presented in a consistent manner (including identical LUN IDs) to every host that you wished to vMotion to. I recently learnt that this restriction has been lifted in vSphere 5.5. To verify, I did a quick test, presenting the same LUN with a different LUN ID to two different hosts, using that…

What happens when VMFS heap depletes completely?

I’ve blogged about the VMFS heap situation numerous times now already. However, a question that I frequently get asked is what actual happens when heap runs out? I thought I’d put together a short article explaining the symptoms one would see when there is no VMFS heap left on an ESXi host. Thanks once again to my good friend and colleague, Paudie O’Riordan, for sharing his support experiences with me on this matter – “together we win”, right Paud?