VSAN Part 4 – Understanding Objects and Components

One of the most important concepts to understand in VSAN, in my opinion, is the notion of storage objects and components. Virtual Machines deployed on a [...]

VSAN Part 3 – It is not a Virtual Storage Appliance

I've actually had to change the order of VSAN posts just to make this very point - VSAN is NOT a Virtual Storage Appliance. I've seen multiple conversations on [...]

VSAN Part 2 – What do you need to get started?

This post contains the list of items you will need to get started with VSAN. I'll also try to highlight some best practices when it comes to configuring VSAN. [...]

VSAN Part 1 – A first look at VSAN

At last, VSAN is launched. Over the coming weeks and months, I plan on doing a series of VSAN (or Virtual SAN to be more accurate) posts. I will start with a [...]

Storage vendors to check out at #VMworld 2013 (SFO)

One of my favorite parts of VMworld is the Solutions Exchange. This is where you can catch up with new products and features from established storage vendors. [...]

What happens when VMFS heap depletes completely?

I've blogged about the VMFS heap situation numerous times now already. However, a question that I frequently get asked is what actual happens when heap runs [...]

VMware Mobile Knowledge Portal (VMKP) app version 2.0 is now live!

For those of you who would like to access VMware's Technical Marketing material whilst on the move, we are pleased to announce version 2.0 of the VMware Mobile [...]