Storage Challenges with Cloud Native Apps [video]

Thanks to my friends over at VMUG Italia, my recorded presentation on Storage Challenges with Cloud Native Apps is now available. This was delivered at the VMUG UserCon event held in Milan, Italy, and which took place on November 15th. In this session I go through various container related projects that are underway at VMware (docker volume driver, vSphere Integrated Containers, Admiral, Harbor and Photon Platform), as well as how we are providing persistent storage for containers deployed on these products. Hope you enjoy it.

More CNA goodness from VMware – Introducing Admiral

As I prep myself for some upcoming VMUGs in EMEA, I realized that I hadn’t made any mention on a new product that we recently introduced in the CNA (Cloud Native Apps) space called Admiral. In a nutshell, Admiral is a Container Management platform for deploying and managing container based applications, intended to provide automated deployment and life cycle management of containers. Now, while Admiral can be used to deploy container directly to virtual machines that are running docker (e.g. Photon OS), it can also be used with vSphere Integrated Containers, and you can deploy containers via the VCH (Virtual…

VMware Cloud Native App Projects – courtesy of vBrownBag

Earlier last month, I was invited onto the #vBrownBag podcast to give an overview of my experiences with the various ongoing VMware Cloud Native App (CNA) projects. I had a great chat with Gregg Robertson, and demonstrated a number of things that we are working on. I noticed this morning that the recording is now live, so if you are interested in some of the things we are doing in the CNA space, I’d recommend taking a look. I’ve embedded the video here:

Project Harbor in action

A short time back, I showed you how to change the Project Harbor configuration to use persistent storage provided by docker volume driver for vSphere and save your images on Virtual SAN. In this post, I will show you how to use Project Harbor by adding a new user to Harbor, create a new project for this user, login to Harbor via docker, and then push and pull image from the Project Harbor repo. While these instructions are simplified just to get you started, you should refer to the official project hard documentation which is available on the github site.…

Using vSphere docker volume driver to run Project Harbor on VSAN

Project Harbor is another VMware initiative in the Cloud Native Apps space. In a nutshell, it allows you to store and distributes Docker images locally from within your own infrastructure. While Project Harbor provides security, identity and management of images, it also offers better performance by having the registry closer to the build and run environment for image transfers. Harbor also supports multiple deployments so that you can have images replicated between them for high availability. You can get more information (including the necessary components) about Project Harbor on github. In this post, we will deploy Project Harbor in Photon…