vSphere with Tanzu and Tanzu Mission Control integration [Videos]

I created a few short videos to show the integration between Tanzu Mission Control (TMC) and vSphere with Tanzu.

In the first demonstration, I show the steps involved in registering the vSphere with Tanzu Supervisor Cluster with Tanzu Mission Control. Basically, it involves retrieving a manifest from TMC, and deploying it to the Supervisor.

In the second demo, I show how Tanzu Mission Control can be used to easily deploy Tanzu Kubernetes (TKG) workload clusters to vSphere with Tanzu once the Supervisor Cluster has been registered. Of course, once TMC is managing your cluster, all sorts of additional features are available, such as centralized Data Protection with Velero, as well as security and conformance inspections of your Kubernetes clusters through Sonobuoy.

Lastly, if you are looking for a managed Kubernetes service, note that Tanzu Mission Control Essentials is freely available  on VMware Cloud on AWS as part of the Tanzu Services.