Tanzu Management Cluster Create 101 (2 of 6) vSphere IaaS Provider [Video]

I’ve started a series of short videos to describe the process of deploying a Tanzu Kubernetes Grid management cluster onto vSphere via the UI. In this next video in the series, we will look at how to configure the IaaS Provider section for vSphere. The object is to deploy the TKG management cluster on vSphere infrastructure, and this section makes the connection to the vCenter server that is managing the vSphere infrastructure. We will also look at the purpose of the SSH Public Key, and why it is important for SSH access to the TKG control plane and worker nodes after the cluster has been deployed. The video will also show you how to create an SSH Public/Private key pair if you are unfamiliar with the topic.

Watch this space for more 101 videos coming over the coming days.