vSAN DPp – MinIO Object Store Supervisor Service [Video]

In this short video, I will demonstrate a new feature of vSphere with Tanzu, namely the vSAN Data Persistence platform. In this demo, we will show how easy it is to deploy a Supervisor Service using vSAN DPp. The service that we are deploying is MinIO, a provider of on-premises S3 Object Stores. We will see how to enable the Service, and then how to provision a dedicated S3 Object Store to a particular Namespace with vSphere with Tanzu. This means that a developer or a team of developers using a particular namespace can have their own dedicated S3 Object Store instance. Note that, at the time of writing, this feature requires a VCF with Tanzu (version 4.2) deployment or a vSphere with Tanzu deployment that leverages NSX-T. This is because the Supervisor services leverages PodVMs, and the PodVM feature is only available with NSX-T currently.