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Virtually Speaking Podcast Episode #174: vSphere with Tanzu

I’m sure most readers are now aware that we now have 2 versions of what was initially called “Project Pacific” at VMworld 2019. Our initial release with vSphere 7.0 (vSphere with Kubernetes) was only available with VCF & NSX-T. However, with the release of vSphere 7.0U1, whilst we continue to have VCF with Tanzu, there is a new version outside of VCF called vSphere with Tanzu. I have written about how to get started with this new version, from covering the prerequisites, deploying a HA-Proxy, enabling vSphere with Tanzu Workload Management and deploying your first TKG ‘guest’ cluster. In this podcast, I join my fellow islander, Myles Gray, to chat with Pete and John about this new vSphere with Tanzu offering.

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