Please support/donate to our friend, Alan Renouf and his family

For those of us in the VMware community, you will know of Alan Renouf. He used to be our Mr. PowerCLI, but most recently he is our Virtual and Augmented Reality guy. If you know Alan, you’ll know that he is one of the nicest and kindest guys you could meet. A number of years back, Alan and his family moved to the Bay Area and found a beautiful home in the hills over looking Santa Cruz. I had the pleasure of visiting him and Elizabeth on a few occasions – he always invited me down to visit when I was over at VMware HQ. Recent wildfires in the area (caused by lightning strikes) have burnt 1000s of acres of woodland and destroyed many properties in the area. Unfortunately Alan lost his home in the fire. You can see how badly the house was impacted in the images that Alan shared on social media.

I guess the worst part is that Alan and his family were evacuated in the middle of the night so they have pretty much lost everything, all their family pictures, souvenirs and all those things that make a house a home. While Alan does have insurance, these things take a long time to sort out and will most likely not cover all the losses incurred. I’m hoping my readers will be able to help out with some small donation whilst Alan and his family find their feet again. Thank you!

Here is the link to the Renouf Fire Relief  Go Fund Me page.

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    1. Hi Maciej – yes there is. I updated the post with a link since some people have difficulty seeing the embedded gofundme images. Thank you.

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