vSphere with Kubernetes on VCF 4.0.1 Consolidated Architecture

VMware recently announced that availability of VMware Cloud Foundation (VCF) 4.0.1. I was particularly interested in this release as it introduced some enhancements around vSphere with Kubernetes deployments on the VCF Management Domain. We refer to the deployment of an application onto the management domain as a VCF consolidated architecture. Whilst we were able to deploy vSphere with Kubernetes on the management domain in VCF version 4.0, it was not seamlessly integrated. In particular, it was not possible to select the management domain to do the necessary vSphere for Kubernetes validation tests. In VCF 4.0.1, it is now possible to select the management domain from the SDDC Manager and also do the validation step. In this brief post, I will highlight the updated deployment process.

To test this workflow, I upgraded my VCF 4.0 environment to VCF 4.0.1 (vCenter Server, ESXi hosts, NSX-T, SDDC Manager and vSAN). I then removed my current vSphere with Kubernetes environment from the management domain and redeployed a new one. To deploy a new vSphere with Kubernetes Workload in VCF 4.0.1, select Solutions in the SDDC Manager and select DEPLOY. This is where we begin the deployment of vSphere with Kubernetes on a workload domain.

Th next step is to check that all the prerequisites are in place, including a suitable workload domain, the appropriate license, and of course that there is an NSX-T Edge Cluster available. If all of these are in place, select all the items and then click BEGIN.

This brings us to the point where we select a workload domain for vSphere with Kubernetes. Previously in VCF 4.0, the management domain was not displayed as an option. In VCF 4.0.1, the management domain is now offered as an option.

Once the management domain is selected, any vSphere clusters that are compatible for vSphere with Kubernetes are displayed. Select a cluster to move onto the validation step.

SDDC Manager now validates that the environment is ready for vSphere with Kubernetes. If all steps are successful, you can then move onto the review step.

If the review is good, click on the “Complete in vSphere” button. This will take you to the vSphere client to complete the deployment of vSphere with Kubernetes on the VCF 4.0.1 management domain.

At this point, you can continue with deploying workload management / vSphere with Kubernetes.

That completes the review of the updates to the workflow. Now we can select and validate a management domain from SDDC Manager for vSphere with Kubernetes deployments. If you want to learn more about running vSphere with Kubernetes on VMware Cloud Foundation, or indeed more about VCF in general, there are a number of other posts here.