Deploy a Tanzu Kubernetes (TKG) cluster in vSphere with Kubernetes (Video)

This video will show the steps involved in deploying a fully functional Tanzu Kubernetes Grid cluster (TKG) via vSphere with Kubernetes. We will see how to build and sync a content library for the TKG control plane and worker node images. We will walk through the creation of a new namespace, and review the manifest file used for the creation of the cluster. Once deployed, we will switch contexts from the namespace used to build the cluster and place ourselves in the context of the new TKG cluster. From there, we will run some kubectl commands to query the cluster. A more detailed step-by-step write-up on how to build a TKG cluster in vSphere with Kubernetes can be found here.

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  1. Thanks cormac
    was it the esxi’s shell, you were typing in it?
    And another question is, what about networking? Do we are have to use nsx for it’s networking?

    1. In the current release, where vSphere with Kubernetes is deployed via VCF 4.0, NSX-T is a pre-req. NSX-T is used for all network traffic in the Supervisor Cluster.
      For the Tanzu Kubernetes cluster (guest cluster), NSX-T is used for North-South traffic, providing LBs and SNAT rules for the guest Kubernetes cluster. Internally, for East-West Pod-to-Pod communication and Service IPs, this functionality is provided by the Calico CNI driver in the guest Kubernetes cluster.

    2. Not an ESXi shell – no. Just an Ubuntu bash shell where I pulled down the kubectl tools from the vSphere with Kubernetes landing page and I simply worked from there.

  2. Hello Cormac,

    How is Tanzu Kubernetes Grid being licensed/priced?
    I can’t find any online information on that.

    Thanks for the info.


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