NSX-T Adapter for vROps – Collection Failed

Very short post – simply to highlight an issue I came across and could not find any external reference to. I added a new adapter to my vRealize Operations Manager 7.5 to monitor my NSX-T 2.3.1 deployment. The adapter was the NSX-T 2.0 Adapter. Soon after configuring it to communicate to my NSX Manager, the Collection Status for the adapter changed to Object down and the Adapter Status changes to Collection Failed.

Initially I thought it as some interoperability issue, but that wasn’t the case. I went ahead and looked at the dashboard, and it reported that the Adapter Instance Object is down, as follows:

I clicked on the alert link, which took me to a more detailed description of the problem.

And there we have the root cause of the issue – my license (vROps Standard) does not support the NSX-T Adapter. Apparently this adapter is only supported with vROps Advanced or Enterprise Editions. Once I upgraded my license edition, the collection started correctly once I stopped and restarted the NSX-T adapter. Very soon, I had the NSX-T Main dashboard populated with my NSX-T environment information.

As I hadn’t come across this behaviour before and couldn’t find it reported anywhere, I though it would be useful to share in case anyone else stumbled across it.