My VMworld Session – VSAN Monitoring & Troubleshooting – now available

vsan_stretch_graphic_v02_300dpi_01_square140Another of the break-out sessions that I presented at VMworld 2015 in San Francisco on Virtual SAN (VSAN) has been recorded and is now available on the VMworld site. I co-presented “STO6228 Monitoring and Troubleshooting Virtual SAN, Current and Future” with Christian Dickmann of VMware, who did the latter part of the session. I do the initial introduction, talking briefly about VSAN, and then the various tools that we now have for monitoring and troubleshooting. Christian then takes the stage to talk about how things have progressed over the past year, certain use cases and some future plans we have in this area of monitoring and troubleshooting.

Prerequisites to view the recording:

Once you have logged into the VMworld site (link above), you can then click on the link below and then click on the media link (on the right hand side) to play the recording.

meSTO6228 – Monitoring and Troubleshooting Virtual SAN Current and Future

Kudos to my good pal William Lam for letting me know about this. If you want to watch other sessions from VMworld 2015, William has done a great post highlighting them all here. If you want to watch my other VMworld 2015 session on VSAN Proof-of-Concept, this is publicly available on YouTube and you can watch it here.

Hope you enjoy it!

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