Rubrik 2.0 is out, with a new model and a new service

rubrik2Rubrik, who exited stealth only a few months ago, and launched their r300 series of converged data management appliance, have just announced version 2.0. You can read up of the Rubrik launch here. The 2.0 version has a new service called “Unlimited Replication” and a new appliance to the r300 series, the r348 “Hybrid Cloud Appliance”. Rubrik co-founder and CEO, Bipul Sinha, stated in the press release that Rubrik continues to transform “how companies approach data protection and recovery at scale”.

Unlimited Replication

As stated, Rubrik have now introduced a new replication service. Consider that you might have multiple sites, all being protected by Rubrik. Now you can provide even higher availability by replicating your backups across those sites, so that any site can present your VMs in the event of a failure. The Rubrik appliance can present itself as a scale-out NFS server to any ESXi host. Therefore the remote site can mount this NFS share from Rubrik, and run a VM from a given point in time. Rubrik describe this new data service as unlimited, non-disruptive replication. It is asynchronous, deduplicated and WAN efficient, and they state that their replication service has zero impact on production. They say that this gives disaster recovery with near zero RTO (Recovery Time Objective). RPO (Recovery Point Objective) is configurable.

In a follow up conversation with Rubrik’s Chris Wahl, he wanted to highlight the fact that the replication is controlled via their SLA Domain construct. Unlimited replication means that Rubrik do not limit the quantity of snapshots that can be replicated to the target. The UI asks a simple “how many days do you want retain a replicated snapshot” sort of question.

Here is a snapshot from the 2.0 UI showing this configuration option, where snapshots are maintained for 90 days:

replication-retentionHere is another view of snapshots that are available for a VM that is being replicated to a remote Rubrik. You can use the “Instantly Recover” option on any of the replicated snapshots, as well as the other technologies (Mount a copy, Export to elsewhere, or Browse Files).

snapshotsThis is a nice new data service that Rubrik have introduced.

r348 Hybrid Cloud Appliance

Rubrik also announced a new model appliance. The previous appliances offered by Rubrik were:

  • r330 – a 2U 3-node appliance with 1.2TB of SSD and 36TB of HDD
  • r340 – a 2U 4-node appliance with 1.6TB of SSD and 48TB of SSD

The new r348 is designed for larger environments and longer. While it is still a 2U, 4 node configuration just like the r340. It has the same amount of SSD, but it now has twice the amount of HDD (96TB HDD) which Rubrik claim will enable it to protect up to 300+ TB of logical data. Of course, all the features that were announced for the previous models continue to be available, such as policy driven SLAs, archiving to cloud, etc.

I already mentioned Rubrik are one of my storage vendors to check out at VMworld 2015. Also at VMworld 2015, Arvind Nithrakashyap and Chris Wahl from Rubrik are presenting a session, STO6287-SPO, on Instant Application Recovery. I’m looking forward to seeing that session myself.

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