My VSAN Session from the Nordic VMUG

The folks from the Nordic VMUG team in Denmark were kind enough to record my Virtual SAN (VSAN) session in Copenhagen last week. If you are interested in VSAN, or considering a VSAN evaluation or Proof of Concept, then this might be worth watching. In it, I cover design considerations, troubleshooting tools, monitoring and performance, as well as some common gotchas. I close with some VSAN futures. Enjoy!

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  1. I need your help. For some reason I cannot figure out how to change the network connected to a VM using the Vsphere Management Appliance, which has vmware-cmd and esxcli commands. I have a large group of machines and they all have two network interfaces, I need to disconnect and connect one of the two ports to a different network, using a command line in Linux. Is that even possible? Sorry if this is not under the same subject. I googled extensively and I cannot find a way.

      1. I said in Linux. My client does not allow Windows for security reasons.
        From your response I realize what I feared: it is impossible.
        I wonder if anybody feel as amazed and discouraged as I am.
        This is trivial is any other technology like KVM and Hyper-V.

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