Catch me at a VMUG in November

vmug-logoI’ve been fortunate enough to receive a bunch of invites to present at various VMware User Group (VMUG) meetings around Europe next month. This year I’ll be presenting a “Virtual SAN (VSAN) troubleshooting and gotchas” type session, so anyone with an interest in VSAN or EVO:RAIL should find this useful. So where will you find me?

First off, I will once again be at the UK National VMUG on the 18th. This is once again at the Motorcycle Museum which is very close to Birmingham International Airport – a great venue.

Then I head straight from there to the Nordics VMUG on the 20th. This is out at the Bella Center in Copenhagen, close to where we used to have the VMworld event a number of years ago.

Then its a dash from there over to the Belgium VMUG on the 21st. This year the event is being held in Berchem, which I believe is close to Antwerp. Its my first time visiting there, so I’m looking forward to it.

Of course, most of these events will have many other presenters and presentations to choose from. I see folks like Duncan Epping, Mike Laverick, Chris Wahl, Kamau Wanguhu and many more are lined up. Looking at the agendas of each event, there is something for everybody no matter what you are interested in.

Finally, I usually spend most of the day at these events, even though I may only have 1 speaking slot. If you’d like to have a chat about anything storage related, especially in the context of Virtual SAN, please reach out, and we’ll find some time to meet.

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  1. The Vsphere Client needs urgently a redesign. The interface in Configuration-> Virtual Machine Startup/Shutdown is inadequate when you have a server with 200+ virtual machines, which any R920 with 60 physical cores can handle easily. If you need to set up the set of machines that need to start automatically, you may get Carpal Tunnel Syndrome before you finish clicking. The Web Client, on the other hand, is useless, a failed technology, nobody uses it, everybody hates it. We like the “normal” client, but it needs to modernize and recognize that now and in the next few years, the density of servers will reach 1000s of VMs, in one single box. The client does not have the friendliness to tackle mass-operations, like selecting a set of VMs and choosing to start them all automatically, etc.

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