vSphere Web Client Short Cuts

Every once in a while, you learn about something that is kind of neat. In some conversations with our UI team, I recently learnt about a few cool vSphere Web Client short cuts to jump to between different views.

  • Ctrl + Alt + 1 = Go to Home View
  • Ctrl + Alt + 2 = Go to vCenter Home View
  • Ctrl + Alt + 3 = Go to the Hosts & Clusters View
  • Ctrl + Alt + 4 = Got to the VM & Templates View
  • Ctrl + Alt + 5 = Got to the Datastores View
  • Ctrl + Alt + 6 = Go to the Networks View
  • Ctrl + Alt + S = Place cursor in the Search field

Pretty nice.

7 Replies to “vSphere Web Client Short Cuts”

  1. Shame they couldn’t stay consistent with the GUI client keyboard shortcuts (Shift + Ctrl + D for datastores, V for VM’s, H for hosts) but better than nothing!


  2. I don’t know if it’s an ID10T problem by me, but using the 5.1 web client on Firefox 24, the short cuts only seem to work very sporadically and very inconsistently.

  3. Thank you. I’ll save this for when the web client actually works on Linux again.

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