Heads Up! DELL EqualLogic & VMFS Issue

Our GSS folks just released KB article 2049103 which details a VMFS Heartbeat and Lock corruption issue that manifests itself on DELL EqualLogic storage arrays when running PS Series firmware v6.0.6. As per the KB:

A VMFS datastore has a region designated for heartbeat types of operations to ensure that distributed access to the volume occurs safely. When files are being updated, the heartbeat region for those files is locked by the host until the update is complete.

In this scenario, the heartbeat region has become corrupt.

A full list of symptoms is documented in the KB article. The solution is to apply a new release of firmware recently released from DELL:

To prevent this issue from occurring, both VMware and Dell recommend upgrading the firmware to PS Series v6.0.6-H2 or later.

If you are running virtual machines on VMFS on EqualLogic storage, schedule some maintenance and get this new version of firmware installed asap.

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  1. Is this issue really confined to those who run version 6.0.6 ? I mean if you use 6.0.5 this KB is not applicable ?

        1. I had an update today via twitter that this is not related to just 6.0.6, but all v5/v6 releases, and that customers are urged to upgrade asap. Don’t know for a fact if this is 100% true, but thought I’d share anyway. If anyone from DELL can confirm, would really appreciate it.

          1. The 6.0.6H2 release notes does not refer specifically to 6.0.6 … so probably all version are affected.

            This is the entire note:

            Dell™ EqualLogic® PS Series Firmware version 6.0.6-H2 includes all bug fixes that were incorporated into versions 6.0 or earlier.
            [CRITICAL]: In rare circumstances, an error handling routine was not properly executed. Currently, this has only been observed in VMware environments, where a VMFS datastore might experience heartbeat metadata corruption, impacting the ability to perform operations on virtual machines (VMs). However, there is a small risk that a similar issue could be observed in non-VMware environments as well, so Dell recommends that all customers upgrade to this release.

  2. Normally H releases are pushed to fix issues in the related Update in this case 6.0.6 I cannot recall a H push that included “extra updates” that would normally be called 6.0.7.

    Then again I could be totally wrong! 🙂 it would be best to check with prosupport

    From a 5 year EQL veteran.

  3. Re: -H (Hot fixes). They are built directly from that version, but that does not mean that the fix is only applicable to an issue in that specific version of firmware.

    Anyone running EQL storage should be on 6.0.6-H2 or 6.0.7 when it is posted. Which should happen very soon. 6.0.7 has this particular fix and others.

    Also very important is to make sure your ESX servers are set to the Best Practices for Dell/EQL storage.

    Which can be found here:

    1. Ok, i guess i was mistaken. I will look into upgrading my array as fast as possible then. Im still running 6.0.1

  4. Hello Christian,

    You are very welcome. FYI: 6.0.7 is now available on the website. That should be used instead of 6.0.6-H2. 6.0.7 has some additional general fixes over 6.0.6-H2.



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