Exporting the Storage Map in the vSphere UI to Visio

I just saw this, thought it was sort of cool, and wanted to share it with you.

You may have need, from time to time, to export the Storage Map view in the vSphere client to a format which can be used in reports, etc. It appears that the Storage Map may be exported to a Windows EMF (Enhanced Metadata Format). This format can then be imported into Visio:


Useful if you ever need to do that kind of thing.

5 Replies to “Exporting the Storage Map in the vSphere UI to Visio”

  1. It actually appears that you can export any of the “map” views by viewing the map you wish to export, then using the File->Export->Export Maps menu… Very useful and good to know!!!

  2. This puts the storage map in visio as a big picture and you cannot ungroup the components. That functionality would be useful.

    1. Actually, you simply need to right-click the freshly imported .emf diag and choose Ungroup. You can then manipulate each and every object as you ordinarily would.

      One thing that is frustrating is the lines which connect the storage objects are not Visio ‘connectors’. So you simply need to create new connectors between the objects.

      Cormac, I can’t upload a screenshot, but I’ll email it to you and you can blog it up.

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