Heads Up! NimbleOS Maintenance Release

Nimble StorageFolks, if you are a Nimble Storage customer, and I know many of my readers are, then you need to be aware of a new NimbleOS release. A new maintenance update, NimbleOS, was released last week and has a number of fixes which one might deem critical. Nimble are advising all customers to move to this new build to avoid running into these issues. From a VMware perspective, this new release also gives new performance improvements, & Nimble have asked us to urge our mutual customers to upgrade to this new release.

For further information, including prerequisites, etc, refer to the Nimble OS release notes which can be found on Nimble’s Support Portal here (it does require a valid support login however).

You can catch up on recent Nimble Storage architectural enhancements, including many vSphere integration points, in one of my recent posts here.

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