[Updated] This blog has been hacked by vS0ciety

Well, not really. This was a bit of fun. Hope none of you took it too seriously. 😛 The whole point of this marketing/viral video was to highlight the #hackathon that is taking place at VMworld 2016 in Barcelona. This is being held on Monday, Oct. 17, at 18:30.  Check out this link to a blog by Alan Renouf for more info on the #hackathon. You can also watch the video for more details. Can you figure out who is behind the mask? Clue: he enjoys dressing up in costumes. Enjoy!

My VMworld Presentations on VSAN are now available

What a VMworld this has been for VSAN. The building momentum of this product is awesome to see, especially for those of us who have been evangelizing it from the beginning. The conversations have changed significantly this year. Previously it was all about “Why should I use VSAN?”. Now that the benefits of VSAN are obvious, the conversations this year were more technical and more around enablement, e.g. “How would I achieve X with VSAN, what are the points I need to consider when I use VSAN for Y, etc?”. As I mentioned in a previous post, this year I…