Big news from Pure Storage

There was lots of big news yesterday from our friends over at Pure Storage. First of all, we had an announcement about their Virtual Volume (VVol) implementation going GA. This is very exciting for me, and I look forward to testing it out in our lab. The implementation is a VASA 3.0 implementation, which means support for array based replication (ABR). My good pal Pete Fletcha did a great write-up on the announcement here. And of course, Cody Hosterman of Pure Storage also gives us his low-down on what this VVol implementation means to him. One thing is for sure,…

vSphere 6.0 HA and Component Protection with vMSC

I had a query recently about changes to vSphere 6.0, especially when it comes to vSphere HA and Component Protection (VMCP) with vMSC, vSphere Metro Storage Cluster. The question is very straight forward – do all the same advanced setting recommendations for PDL and APD apply to vMSC on vSphere 6.0 as they did for vSphere 5.5? Or do we have some new recommendations now around PDL and APD for vMSC with the introduction of VMCP in vSphere 6.0?