Virtual Volumes (VVols) – Syslog and Scratch Usage

I had a very interesting query in my recent VVol post on vSphere HA interop. In that post I showed how the VVol datastore could be used for datastore heartbeating. The question then arose when the VVol datastore could be used for other things, such as a syslog and scratch destination. I couldn’t see any reason why not, but just to be sure, I tested it out in the lab. The quick answer is yes, you can use a Config-VVol for syslog, and no, you cannot use a Config-VVol for scratch. If you want to see the steps involved, and…

VSAN considerations when booting from USB/SD

This is a conversation that comes up time and time again. It’s really got to do with the following considerations when booting an ESXi host that is participating in VSAN from an SD/USB device:: What should I do for persisting the vmkernel logs? What should I do about persisting the VSAN trace files? What should I do for capturing core dumps (PSOD)?