VSAN.ClomMaxComponentSizeGB explained

In the VSAN Troubleshooting Reference Manual, the following description of VSAN.ClomMaxComponentSizeGB is provided: By default VSAN.ClomMaxComponentSizeGB is set to 255GB. When Virtual SAN stores virtual machine objects, it creates components whose default size does not exceed 255 GB. If you use physical disks that are smaller than 255GB, then you might see errors similar to the following when you try to deploy a virtual machine: There is no more space for virtual disk XX. You might be able to continue this session by freeing disk space on the relevant volume and clicking retry.

VSAN Part 34 – how many disks are needed for stripe width

Yesterday I posted an article which discussed some common misconceptions with Virtual SAN that come up time and again. Once I published that article, I immediately had an additional question about basic VSAN behaviour and functionality related to stripe width. More specifically, the question is how many disks do you need to satisfy a stripe width requirement. Let’s run through it here.